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Review: The High Season, Judy Blundell

Hello, Book World!

As promised, here’s a look at one of the books I finished in May (a perfect novel to accompany you on vacation this summer!)

high seasonThree-Star-Review

Thank you to Random House and Bookish First for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

The High Season has all the pieces necessary to make it a great beach read–location, vacation, gossip, and intrigue.  The drama in this book is potent. While such summer books aren’t my usual cup of tea, I can appreciate what Blundell set out to accomplish with this one.

The plot of this story, while very predictable, had several engaging moments.  I appreciated the ways in which the characters’ lives became intertwined. I would have appreciated more suspense or mystique, but perhaps that’s just me.

The characters in this one are as depraved as ever.  I was a little bothered by the limited redeemable qualities–I always find it hard to root for such people.  However, I’ve found that this type of “everyone has a dark side” model is very common with this genre, so at least Blundell is writing to her audience.

The writing itself was well-done and engaging.  We weren’t bogged down with too much description or exposition.  I felt the text-messaging model was a little stilted, and I had trouble keeping track of characters through the multiple points of view (it was usually the second paragraph of the chapter before I figured out who we were supposed to be following.  And there was a least one chapter where I just never figured it out). Blundell has a good voice for the beach read, and it comes through here, although she over-complicated the modes of communication and narrative focus.

Overall, this was a decent book.  Again, it’s outside my genre comfort zone, so I may be more critical than those who typically read this type of story.  It’s going to be a great one to take on vacation this summer, and it could be a great topic for a book club meeting.




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