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Goodreads Summer Reading Challenge: August

Hello again!

Today I’m bringing you the third installment in my Goodreads Ultimate Summer Reading Challenge!  I’ve finished this month’s challenges a little early (just barely!) and can’t wait to share with you the books I read to complete them.

Let’s get to it!


August Reading Challenge


1. Let’s Get It On: Read a book that features falling in or out of love

Honor Girl

Honor Girl: A Graphic Memoir
Maggie Thrash

This book tells Maggie’s own story of falling in love at summer camp.  It felt very fitting for this prompt.


2. It’s 12 o’clock Somewhere: Read a book that takes place in a bar or heavily features drinks/drinking

when katie met cassidy

When Katie Met Cassidy
Camille Perri

This was not the book I intended to read for this prompt.  I had picked out another book entirely, but couldn’t make it past the first chapter.  When I realized how frequently scenes in this book take place in The Met, I decided it was fitting enough!


3. Stranded: Read a book that takes place on an island or in which the characters find themselves stranded

neverworld wake

Neverworld Wake
Marisha Pessl

Being stranded in a weird sort of limbo universe totally counts, right?


4. One and Done: Read a book you can finish in one day

leah on the offbeat

Leah on the Offbeat
Becky Albertalli

I actually read a whole stack of one-day reads this month (many of them comics, a couple novellas, etc.), but I wanted to feature Miss Leah in all her glory.

And in celebration of finally experiencing this book, I also bought and watched Love, Simon.

My heart is full!


5. Lucky to Have You: Read a book that you picked up at a library sale or thrift store

whispers from the dead

Whispers from the Dead
Joan Lowery Nixon

I picked up most of Nixon’s books at a library sale one year.  I loved her stories as a kid, and it was so fun to revisit one of the spookiest ones!


6. Girl Power: Read a book about feminism or written by a feminist

as the crow flies

As the Crow Flies
Melanie Gillman

This is another prompt for which I could put a whole slew of books down, but I thought I’d highlight this particular comic/graphic novel because of its particular portrayal of feminism.  Not what you’d quite expect, and not its best representation, either (although the portrayal is totally intentionally off-putting).


7. Life is a Highway: Read a book that features a road trip


David Arnold

This book may host a road trip to end all other road trips.

I loved it.

I want all of Arnold’s books now.


8. Time of Our Lives: Read a book in which the characters go on an adventure

kim reaper

Kim Reaper, Vol. 1: Grim Beginnings
Sarah Graley

Oh, the many, many adventures that happen in just this first installment…I want more!


9. Memories: Read a book that you bought while on vacation

miseducation of cameron post

The Miseducation of Cameron Post
emily m. danforth

At the beginning of this month, I gave myself a “staycation,” which of course resulted in my going to bookstores.  I stumbled across the movie cover edition of this book, on which I saw the lovely Chloe Grace Moretz looking back at me.  I NEVER buy movie covers, but I wanted this book immediately! (And, upon looking up the original US cover, I realize I probably would never have given this book a second thought had I not seen one of my favorite actresses on the cover.  The UK movie edition, though…! GORGEOUS!)

Anyway, I started reading this the day I bought it and didn’t put it down for all 480+ pages.  It was phenomenal.  Literally, one of my new favorite books of all time.


And there you have it!  August has wrapped itself up nicely.

I have one more post to cover on the topic of the Goodreads Challenge, so keep an eye out for that.  I also have a HUGE August wrap-up headed your way, and hopefully a few individual reviews here and there.




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