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Goodreads Summer Reading Challenge: The Extra Challenges

Happy September!


Today I’m putting out the LAST installment in my Goodreads Summer Reading Challenge.  This is the list at the end of the individual months, meant to “stretch your reading comfort zones.”  I had a lot of fun with this section in particular, because I LOVE challenging myself to read different types of books!

Here we go!


What to Read During Any Month to Stretch Your Reading Comfort Zones


1. Won’t Be Long: Read a collection of short stories or essays

naked lady

The Naked Lady Who Stood On Her Head:
A Psychiatrist’s Stories of His Most Bizarre Cases
Gary Small, M.D. & Gigi Vorgan

Yep, this one again!  A good fit for this prompt.


2. Poet at Heart: Read a book of poetry

Blood water paint

Blood Water Paint
Joy McCullough

Incredible narrative verse with a super relevant subject matter.  Not only does this book fit the prompt well, it is a must read for absolutely everyone, period.


3. You Have a Lovely Accent: Read a book that was translated from another language

blue is the warmest color

Blue is the Warmest Color
Julie Maroh

Another must-read, for sure.  And I’m so happy this one has been translated from the original French.


4. Read the World: Read a book that takes place in a country–or focuses on a culture–other than your own

Darius the Great is Not Okay

Darius The Great is Not Okay
Adib Khorram

How about a both, and?  I loved learning about Persian culture and the country of Iran in this one!


5. Diversify Yourself: Read a book by an author of color

Each Kindness

Each Kindness
Jacqueline Woodson

I loved reading this little picture book by Ms. Woodson, who is an incredible writer.


6. My, What Big Teeth You Have: Read a book that puts a spin on a well-known fairytale

princess princess ever after

Princess Princess Ever After
Katie O’Neill

A queer spin on Rapunzel??? Yes, please!!!


7. High Noon: Read a classic or contemporary western


The Revenant
Michael Punke

About the only western I’ve ever been interested in reading… And, I have to say, I really enjoyed it!  The audiobook was excellent!


8. The Future is Bright: Read a book that takes place in the future

they both die at the end

They Both Die at the End
Adam Silvera

The book in which I was an optimistic fool, clear until the end…but yes, it is set mildly into the future!


9. The Book is Always Better: Read a book that is becoming a movie this year

miseducation of cameron post

The Miseducation of Cameron Post
emily m. danforth

If you’ve seen my Instagram or have seen my recent post, you may know how excited I am to see this movie!  I didn’t make it to the theater, so I’ll have to wait for a release date.  But the book is incredible and I hope the film does it justice.


10. TBRing It: Read a book that’s been sitting on your Goodreads shelves for awhile

midnight in the garden of good and evil

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
John Berendt

According to Goodreads, I added this to “Want to Read” on September 13, 2015.  I’d say it’s been awhile!


11. Childhood Reboot: Read a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure novel

cup of death.jpg

Cup of Death
Shannon Gilligan

This was my first, and will be my only, Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book.  These are not for me.


12. Listen to Me: Listen to an audiobook

Undead girl gang

Undead Girl Gang
Lily Anderson

If you’ve been around awhile, you know I listen to a ton of audiobooks.  So I had lots of options for this category.  I decided to highlight one of my favorite audios of the summer, read by one of my favorite YA audiobook readers of all-time: Rebecca Soler!  She reads The Lunar Chronicles, as well as a bunch of other books, and the voices she gives each character are distinct and wonderful.  I highly recommend the books she reads in audio form.


Whew!  Guys, it was a crazy summer!  I had so much fun doing this reading challenge.  I don’t know how I’m going to motivate myself in the fall!


Did anyone else take on this challenge?  Or a different one?  What sorts of books did you read?  Let me know!




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