NaNoWriMo: The Writing Month for the Reader

Hello, Bibliophiles!

My November reading has started off very slowly, because I am participating in  NaNoWriMo!  This will be my fourth year participating, and my second consecutive year.  I’m working on the second half of a novel I started last November (and I’m nervous about reaching 100,000 words total…that’s a looong book!).  I’m having a lot of fun diving back into the world I created, so I thought I’d share with you all a little bit about my book!


This may come as a surprise to you (*sarcasm*), but I’m a tad obsessed with Peter Pan.  I really enjoy spin-off retellings of the original story, but I’m always a little disappointed with the direction they take.  Last year, it occurred to me that I should just write the Peter Pan retelling I see in my head myself!  So, that’s what I did!

My book is about a girl named Amber, whose life seems to be figuring itself out for her.  She’s a recent college graduate, with a degree but not much direction, and she’s engaged  her “dream guy.”  He’s handsome (and loaded), and he has big dreams for his life with Amber–all of which revolve around her getting pregnant really soon and staying home with the kids.  There’s just one problem: Amber isn’t even sure she wants children.

Distraught and at a loss as to how her future suddenly veered so far away from what she ever imagined, Amber speculates that this whole “adulting” thing is way too hard, and she’s just not ready for it yet.  And someone–a young boy who never grows up–overhears these thoughts, and has a solution in mind for her…!

Yes, Peter Pan whisks Amber away to Neverland, where she is expected to serve on the pirate ship alongside other teens and young adults who feel the “real world” is just a little too real for them.  It turns out that, since defeating Captain Hook, Peter has been in need of a worthy opponent and pirate army.  The role of captain is served by a descendant of the original dastardly pirate.  For Amber, this means her new boss is a gorgeous blonde named Jasmine, who goes by Jazz.  Jazz has served as captain for longer than any of her other relatives.  She has her reasons for staying in Neverland, but she’s not super forthcoming with them.  She leads a mighty crew of teenage boys, whose personalities follow forthwith.

Jazz and her pirate crew are intent on showing Amber around her new home (because she is, in fact, stuck here now.  Peter is the only one who can make it to the Mainland, and he’s not taking anyone home any time soon).  She meets all the classic characters, as well as some friends who were left out of Barrie’s original book.  Neverland seems like a paradise, even with all the young children running around.

But not all is well in the land of ever-youth.  A darkness is growing on the far side of the island, and it seems to be powered by something in the boy who makes the island live.  Amber comes to realize that, just maybe, Barrie got a few of the original details wrong, and the adventures that Wendy and her brothers took decades ago let loose an evil that has grown beyond containment.  Now, Amber must work together with pirates and Native Neverlandians to find a solution to the evil, before it consumes them all.


I’m having a lot of fun writing this story!  It has given me time to dwell on all the things I love about Peter Pan, while also freeing me to pursue my own ideas on how the story should go.  I’m working on the biggest action scene I’ve ever written, and it is HARD!  But I feel like this process is helping me to grow as a writer.


Are you doing NaNoWriMo?  Tell me about your novel in the comments!




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