Review Policy

Interested in having me review your book?  I’m flattered!  Before going forward, please take the time to read over the information below, where I detail what and how I review.

I, Michayla Nester, am the sole creator and owner of Waiting for the Second Star, and I do not receive any form of compensation for my posts.  I publish here in my free time only.

What types of books do I review?

I read a huge variety of genres and am interested in many different subjects.  I find myself naturally drawn to young adult, memoirs, and graphic novels, although I also enjoy “adult” contemporary fiction, horror, and most mystery & suspense.  While I dabble in just about everything else, I rarely read fantasy (especially high fantasy).  If your book fits this genre, do us both a favor and send it to someone who will appreciate it more than me. 🙂

What formats of books do I accept?

At this time, I am only accepting physical copies of books.  Please do not send me eBook copies.  I would love to read and review them, but I know myself too well, and I know I’ll never get around to it… However, I’m happy to consider audiobooks in any available format.

How do I review books?

Feel free to check out my blog to see how I usually structure my reviews!  They are broken down into two types of posts: spotlight reviews, and general wrap-ups.  I’m happy to do either for requested reviews.

I do my best to be a critical reader, even when I’m reading “for fun.”  My reviews are my own opinions and thoughts, and I work hard to be honest in them.

I do my best to only accept books I expect to enjoy.  I also try to take an objective, as well as a subjective, approach to the text.  When I liked a book, I love talking about it!  However, if I read something that I did not like or that I find problematic, I will include those findings in a review.  I attempt to offer a holistic understanding of the books I read, including things I like and things that I think could have been better.

I try to be sympathetic to authors when offering criticism.  I recognize how intimate it can be to offer up something you’ve worked so hard to create.  I appreciate the trust you’ve bestowed on me in letting me read it!

Where can you find my reviews?

Here, of course!  I also copy most of my reviews to my GoodReads profile.  I also occasionally share on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Due to my current work schedule, my blog posts are on an irregular schedule.  I post reviews after I’ve finished a book and before the publication date, as my schedule allows.

When will you see your review?

I make no guarantees about when my reviews will be posted.  As mentioned, I keep up with this blog on my own time.  However, for ARCs, I try to publish my review before or shortly after the book is published.  I will get to other review copies as I am able.

If you need a review by a certain date, please let me know in your initial email.  I require a minimum of two weeks after receipt of a book to write a review, although a month or more is preferred.

I love collaborating with authors and publishers, and I look forward to discussing your books with you!

If you have a book you would like me to consider, please email me:

Michayla Nester